maybe youre in..maybe youre not

we're fucking bitches so you never know

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WARNING: if you dont fucking like criticism, then this place is NOT for you. kthnxbi


rule #1 -
your post must be public!!!
rule #2 - you may not vote/comment if you arent a member or havent recieved an acceptance stamp. youre only allowed to comment in your own application post until youve recieved a stamp from either iam_notpermanet or donewithwords. anonymous commenting has been blocked :)
rule #3 - when applying, you must post 3-4 pictures to be voted on, and all of them must be behind an lj cut. THEY MUST BE YOUR OWN! we will not tolerate false identities.
rule #4 - for first post, do not use doctored photos of any kind. this includes, but is not limited to: black and white, contrasted, airbrushed, and photoshopped pictures.
rule #5 - once accepted, post the link to your stamp in donewithwords public entry. its so it can be organized and we'll know whos been accepted. if youve been rejected, remove your ass and get the fuck outta here. dont come back unless you grow a new face/personality. word.
rule # 6 - DO NOT GIVE OUT PITY POSTS! we rate people by their looks and personality. dont like it then fuck you.

BE SURE TO TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY! only make sure if you do to not post in communities that dont allow advertising of other communities :)

- name
- age
- location
- top ten bands
- favorite album of the year
- other interests/favorites
- and one story about ones self. be creative. nothing shitty.

try to be as mean or nice as you want. do whatever you can to impress us if youd like. if we like you, youre in. being somewhat of an asshole when needed, is wanted here.

check out areyouscool because its rocking our world <3

- donewithwords tiffany [mod]
- iam_notpermanet danielle [mod]
- rockangel312
- anafterword
- brwneyedgurl143
- caitlovesmaggs
- katiebaby08
- xsuperkidjoyx
- psychoticangel
- felineofaveb
- benfolds5
- snortingsugar
- somebodygothurt
- deletexyourself
- moppwerr
- thegirlnxtdoor
- nika

- and_repeat

when you are accepted you can then treat this community as a regular journal. just be sure to update it atleast once a week/twice in two weeks. talk about whatever you want, what you did today, future plans, random pictures or anything. most of all, just be cool motherfucker - be cool.
peace - the mods