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Slops! ( I really hate that saying...how did it get to be "cool"?)

- name: Jamie Divina
- age: 17
- location: Brentwood, California (Not the OJ brentwood...and Yes there really IS 2 in California. I'm talking the suburbia up near Berkeley/San Fran.)
- top ten bands: Finally, I can pick 10!!!!
Ben Kweller
The Anniversary
The Subhumans
Taking Back Sunday
Led Zeppelin
Dead Kennedy's
Vertical Horizon

- favorite album of the year: Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. It makes me feel so...weird. Well...it was out awhile ago but I just got it this year.

- other interests/favorites: I like doing leadership stuff for school, I'm a nerd, I want to major in Math, but I'm not afraid to party hard. Tequila is the only hard alcohol I can take though. I'm an avid marijuana smoker, I don't REALLY consider it a drug, even though by definition it is. Umm I like being on student council, I am c/o 2004 treasurer, this being my third year (not consecutive). I love to read. I love school in general, because I like to challenge myself...except my stupid classes. Those can die.

Who really NEEDS ceramics anyways?

- and one story about ones self. be creative. nothing shitty.

This one time I went to San Francisco to meet my friend after she got out of college. I started walking around, when I ran into bum A. Bum A started speaking spanish to me, which I didn't understand, at all. You see, I LOOK very mexican, even though I am Filipino/White. So...I try to shoo away Bum A with a dollar and telling him I don't speak spanish. Then all of a sudden, he blurts out, I don't speak spanish!!

I was just like...what the hell??? So then he starts telling me about Vietnam and all this other stuff I wasn't interested in (though now I'd be very interested in his Vietnam stories because...they are like an obsession of mine). He also gives me many pamphlets that have nothing on them, which make me think he's a Schitzoid. I quickly ditch the dude and head to Virgin Records, where I plan to waste some time.

I go into Virgin Records and start listening to the music on the wall. I believe I was listening to Destiny's Child or No Doubt or some band with a girl, when I look to my right and notice this...PERSON (IT...I couldn't tell the gender at all) taking me into their jacket! Literally! They had on one of those big puffy jackets and they were holding it open with their hands...and walking me right into it!!! I didn't know what the hell to do, so I stayed calm and just walked away. Freak.

Sooner than later my friend gets out of class and we start walking to Macy's where they have the BEST chili in the world. Yeah...Macy's. I don't know.

So then Bum B comes up to me and just HAS to show me this cut on his face where he got stitches, which was obviously drawn on. His breath smelled like stinky feet, and he was really loud and annoying. His hair was long and scraggly, but what do you expect? I gave him a salami sandwhich I had, but he didn't want that. He wanted money.

Then...THEN he starts hitting on my friend. My friend is a bit..square, so she doesn't talk to him at all. She doesn't even look on him. I explain to him that she is a foreign exchange student from Spain (she isn't) and that she doesn't speak English (she does). He was really fascinated by her and decided to follow us for THREE SF blocks (which are kinda long) saying under his breath at least 50 times,"Damn she's fine."

Well...then we went home.

It kinda IS a shitty story...I'm sorry. It's funny sometimes.

Maybe I should tell you about the time a lady decided to take pictures of my boobs at an airport?

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